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When you book directly with Danubius Hotels Group, you can be sure that you are getting
the best publicly available hotel room rates. If you find a lower public rate anywhere else within 24 hours of your booking time, we will match the rate plus give you a EUR 30 Discount which can be used for Food & Beverage and extra services of the hotel during your stay,

subject to our Terms & Conditions.

You can submit your claim by filling out our online form. Claims must be submitted at least 48 hours before the standard check-in time at the applicable hotel.

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Golf basic rules

Ball cleaning – a ball may always be lifted when on the green. A ball lying on another place of the course may be cleaned only if lifted by the rules. Otherwise, you cannot touch it. After having played the hole and before the next stroke from the tee, ball cleaning is taken for granted.

Drop – the rules allow the ball to be occasionally lifted and dropped at a different place. Dropping means marking a place which is allowed for such drop when the ball is dropped from a stretched hand at the arms´ level. If the ball jumps closer to the hole or rolls more that two club-lengths from the place of the last shot, the drop is repeated again without any penalty.

Playing from the tee – smaller courses have common teeing grounds. These are differentiated in colour in bigger courses. Yellow ones are gentlemen’s while the red ones are for ladies. The ball is placed into a rectangular area delimitated by two pegs and two club-lengths backwards. It is the only place where a tee can be used.

Play the ball as it lies – it is not allowed to improve a ball’s position during the game, or the area for one’s stroke. When playing a hole, you can remove freely lying objects such as leaves, cones or branches. However, you cannot move the ball.

Ball on the green – the position may be marked by a marker or a coin. It cannot get in the way of competitors´ shots. When you touch your competitor’s ball during a putt, you are given two penalty strokes.

Ball on the sand - when played from a bunker, a golf player cannot touch sand with his or her club sooner than the ball is hit. Breach is sanctioned by two penalty strokes. Ball in the water hazard – if the ball falls into water marked by yellow pegs you can try and play your stroke or you can have a penalty stroke and drop your ball.

Unplayable ball – players have the possibility to declare their ball unplayable and add one penalty stroke. The second ball is dropped within two club-lengths in any direction, however, not closer to the hole.

Right of way on the golf course belongs always to the player whose ball is furthest from the hole. In the starting teeing ground the sequence is random. At the next teeing ground the player with the least results from the previous hole starts playing first.

Obstacles – artificial or other objects as well as parts of the course. Movable obstacle on the course (an object) may be removed without penalty. If an unmovable obstacle (irrigation jets, road) prevent playing, it is allowed to drop the ball without any penalty within the distance of one club-length from the nearest acceptable place, however, not closer to the hole.

Code of conduct – it is not suitable to stand close to the player or move around, especially when you are in his or her green. In such case you should stand outside the player’s peripheral vision. You also should not be close to the hole. The putt line – the line on the green that the ball is about to follow, is considered a “sacred ground”. Green has to be left at the moment when every one from your own group has played their putt. If you linger in the area, it is a breach of the code of conduct by inhibiting the game. Also when playing on the green, you should leave as few marks as possible in the area.

Dressing code – generally, a player should be dressed in a collared T-shirt. Besides the classic collar, a standing one is also allowed. Players should not have their arms exposed and the allowed length of short trousers or skirts is just above knees. Blue jeans are strictly forbidden. Clothes should be sufficiently loose and adaptable to the movement, especially when playing a shot.

Author: Ivan Paulech, Source:

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