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When you book directly with Danubius Hotels Group, you can be sure that you are getting
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Birdie card
Hole no. 1    
green tees  

PAR 5, length 445m from yellow teeing grounds
The longest hole on the course, a right dogleg. I recommend playing the first shot of this hole more to the left side of the fairway so as to create some room to overcome a forest on the right with your second shot. It will bring you to around 100 meters of the green, however, be aware that a shot too much to the right will bring you out of bounds. The third shot is played on a more or less open green protected by a sand hazard on the right side. The green is undulating but can be read rather well.

Hole no. 2    
green tees  

PAR 4, length 331 m from yellow teeing grounds
The most difficult hole of the course. It is a left dogleg. Left side presents an out-of-bounds area, so players should play more to the right. If you tee off with a long iron, or a fairway wood, it should not be a problem to get as far as 150 meters from the green and try a second shot to the green. The green has a raised edge and a narrow front as well as landing area. It is protected by a sand hazard on the left and a forest on the right.

Hole no. 3    
green tees  

PAR 3, length 139 m from yellow teeing grounds
A short PAR 3, however, pay attention to the position of the teeing ground which is directed to the left of the green. The most important thing at this hole is to aim at the green. If you miss it, there are sand hazards on the right and left sides and even a few trees to the right. If, by accident, you exceed your first shot, you can even get to a water hazard behind the green.

Hole no. 4    
green tees  

PAR 4, length 239 m from yellow teeing grounds
Despite its length, it is a very difficult hole. It demands more precision than anywhere else on the course. You should play your fist shot with a mid iron from an elevated teeing ground to the right side of the fairway. If you exceed the shot, you hit a water hazard. If, on the contrary, your shot is turned more to the left, there is yet another water hazard and a rather complicated drop, if you want to get to the green.The green is slightly raised and in two thirds of its length protected by a forest, and a sand hazard on the right below the green. The green is rather undulating and slanted towards the tees. Very difficult to read the terrain.

Hole no. 5    
green tees  

PAR 4, length 242 m from yellow teeing grounds
This hole is a short par 4. However, there are several traps where you can land easily. There is an out-of-bounds on the right and trees and bush on the left, there is a sand hazard around 60 m in front of the green and a forest behind it, and a water hazard closely to the green.
If you do not pay attention to the hazards, you can get to the green with your first shot. However, I would not recommend it. You should rather play mid iron from the tee, or fairway wood and calmly land your second shot on the green which is large, slanted from right to left and rather well readable.

Hole no. 6    
green tees  

PAR 4, length 252 m from yellow teeing grounds
This hole is more or less parallel with a transverse water hazard where missed first shots may end up. Otherwise, this hazard is not a great obstacle to the game. It has a rather psychological function. When playing this hole, players may expect thick bush on the left, two fairway bunkers both on the left and the right, and a forest almost along the whole right side of the fairway. There is a rather deep bunker in front of the green which divides the landing area. The green is large, with a transverse terrain curve. It is rather well readable.

Hole no. 7    
green tees  

PAR 3, length 99 m from yellow teeing grounds
This is the shortest hole on the course. It seems easy, but requires certain skills. The hole demands a right choice of the club. It is surrounded by a forest on both sides and it is thus difficult to estimate the strength and direction of wind. A big sand hazard protects the whole landing area in front of the green. The green is large, with two levels. It is relatively harder to read.

Hole no. 8    
green tees  

PAR 4, length 223 m from yellow teeing grounds
This hole is a right dogleg. It is very demanding as to the precision of the first short from the tee, because the landing area is very narrow and gets narrower by impact of high trees. A precise first shot can decide everything and you can hit the green even with your first shot. In case of a shot to the right, the ball ends up in the forest and is often lost.
If the drive is shorter, you can expect a ca 50 m shot to the green. It is protected by a sand hazard on the left. The green is rather hard to read.

Hole no. 9    
green tees  

PAR 3, length 189 m from yellow teeing grounds
At the end, there is a long PAR 3. There is an access road to the premises on the right side, which is out of bounds. I recommend playing this hole as PAR 4 for players with shorter shots. The green is protected by a sand hazard in the front, which divides the landing area into two parts. The green is large, very difficult to read and estimate the distance.


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