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Taste of Piešťany

Piešťany Golden Ribbons 2015

The Slovak Health Spa Piešťany (SLK) and AMK Piešťany Veteran Car Club (VCC) in cooperation with Ján Horňák succesfully completed the 24th year of the unique tour of the historic cars „Piešťany Goldon Ribbon – Concours d´Elegance 2015“. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Golden Ribbons - calendar

Available at the hotel receptions for the price 10 EUR

Golden Ribbons 2014 and 2015 - car sticker
To receive a card sticker, please send an e-mail to

Piešťany Golden Ribbons 2014 results

Automobiles before 1918
  1    OLDSMOBILE 6C, r. 1904  -  HOFER Franz, Rakúsko
  2    HUPMOBILE 20-B, r. 1910  -  ČECHOVSKÝ Petr, ČR
10    VELIE FAETON, r. 1918  -  LIČKO Michal, SR
Automobiles from 1919 to 1945
13    FORD A PHAETON, r. 1928  -  PFLUG Peter, Nemecko
19    HISPANO SUIZA H 6 B, r. 1924  - NOVÁK Vladislav, ČR
33    BMW 327 KABRIOLET 2+2, r. 1939  -  LAMLA Pavel, ČR
Automobiles before 1946
35    LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 76 H/56, r. 1947  -  ODZGAN Peter, SR
36    ŠKODA TUDOR 110, r. 1948  -  MAKOHUS Jozef, SR
39    MG TD MK II., r. 1953  -  HARUŠTIAK Ivan, SR
100 year old veteran prize
 4    BELZISE CABRIO, r. 1914  -  ŽALUD Rudolf, ČR
Prize of General Manager of Health Spa Piešťany Klaus Pilz
32    ALFA ROMEO 6C, r. 1939  -  KONÍČEK Jaroslav, ČR
Prize of Manager of hotel Thermia Palace Josef Provázek
12    SUNBEAM 18/2, r. 1928  -  STÜRZER Robert, Rakúsko
Prize for the only succesful women crew
45    TATRA 603, r. 1959  -  ŠIMEKOVÁ Marta, FEDORCOVÁ Petra, SR
Prize of director of PGR Ján Horňák
16    ŠKODA 430 D, r. 1959  -  KOJECKÝ Roman, SR
Prize of Piešťany Mayor Remo Cicutto
 7    MAXWELL, r. 1917  -  PÁTÍK Josef, ČR
VINIDI prize
18    CADILLAC FOUR, r. 1933  -  HREHOVČÍK Andrej, SR
Prize of President of AHV SR Juraj Porázik
49    TATRA 87 RYBA, r. 1942  -  PAULÚ Karol, SR
Audience prize
 6    FORD T ROADSTER, r. 1917  -  NOVOTNÝ Leoš, ČR
 8    DODGE BROTHERS, r. 1918  -  HALADĚJ Jaromír, ČR
11    FIAT 509, r.1926  -  KUCHÁR Miroslav, SR
Audience prize for motocycles Harley Davidson
14    HARLEY DAVIDSON, r. 2012  -  FELLNER Werner, Rakúsko
 7    HARLEY DAVIDSON, r. 2013  -  UNGER Karl, Rakúsko
 5    HARLEY DAVIDSON, r. 2012  -  HUEBEL Erich, Rakúsko
Special prize
20    DETROIT ELECTRIC 75, r. 1918  -  SIN Marián, SR

Taste of Piešťany - Danubius Health Spa Resort Thermia Palace *****,Danubius Health Spa Resort Esplanade ****,Spa Hotel Grand Splendid ***,Vila Trajan **,Hotel Jalta & Dependances **

Taste of Piešťany

Accommodation with half board, initial medical consultation, 1 to 2 treatments per day depending on the length of stay.
Availability: 1 October 2015 - 13 January 2018
5 available hotel(s)
Rate from
EUR 45
Person/1 night(s)
Mostly sunny
Partly cloudy
2°C - 14°C
Mostly sunny
-1°C - 12°C
Mostly sunny
2°C - 14°C
Mostly sunny
3°C - 17°C
Mostly sunny
6°C - 18°C
Partly cloudy
5°C - 18°C
Mostly sunny
8°C - 20°C
Partly cloudy
7°C - 19°C
Intermittent clouds
7°C - 18°C
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